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Nov 18, 2020

Why are ATM attacks exploding across some US states?

Explosive attacks on ATMs are suddenly on the rise in some states across the USA. In Philadelphia, there have been around 50 ATMs attacked in early June this year1. More recent series of explosive attacks saw roughly 17 ATMs hit in October and the latest incident as recently as November2. These statistics are alarming because the normal expected average attacks on ATMs are approximately less than 50 a year across the states1. Criminals are becoming more desperate and are turning to extreme measures to carry out these attacks.    

Why are these attacks increasing?

One key factor that could be linked to the rise in explosive attacks on ATMs in Philadelphia is the recent protests which occurred in early June. These could have provided the perfect cover and opportunity. However, this does not cover the scope of all attacks.

What about the most recent attacks which occurred outside the scope of protests?

Advancements in defense around ATMs may also have played a part in the rise of explosive gas attacks. Naturally, and with time, new security solutions are being developed, from a hardware perspective, to combat physical attacks and from a software standpoint, to combat digital attacks. These advancements in technology negate or render the previous methods used by criminals on ATM devices less effective, making it more difficult to get their hands on the cash. With chances of winning reduced, they may have been forced to turn to more drastic methods to continue to gain success. This is an ongoing power struggle between the evolving threats on ATMs and solutions which are developed to counteract them.

Another factor that cannot be overlooked, and has transformed the world around us seemingly overnight, is the impact of the pandemic and its influence on businesses. With fewer facilities open as a result, criminals may be feeling a lack of opportunity to exploit vulnerable stores and steal cash from their ATMs. Police have reported most of the criminals are hardly getting away with much cash, due to precautions taken by businesses to empty their machines2. The sudden explosion in attacks could be a desperate numbers game for the felons.

What does this mean for businesses and owners? What are the solutions available?

Even with machines being emptied as a precaution and signs signifying vacant machines, businesses are still being attacked. More comprehensive and robust preventative measures are a necessity to combat the attacks alongside whatever measures decided on by business owners.

Companies like Cennox have dedicated decades developing security solutions to combat the ever-changing methods of attacks. With devices such as the Gryphon Locking System, an undefeated sophisticated physical barrier protecting cash cassettes, and the AGN Pro, a gas detection and neutralizing system which can be hidden and embedded in machines, businesses can rest assured knowing their cash is safe from physical and explosive attacks even by gas. These solutions can provide long-term protection and deterrence to reduce theft, attacks and keep people safe as a result. In addition, our solutions aimed at destroying the bank notes if an attack is started, adds an additional level of protection which makes the attack less fruitful if attempted.

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