ESG Commitment

Environment, social and governance

We are growing an awareness of the future around us, as well as ahead of us.


We believe we have the energy, commitment and people at Cennox who want to make a positive impact on our environmental stewardship and responsibility. We have a program in place which actively records, measures, monitors and challenges ourselves to look across our facilities and processes to seek to reduce our impact on the environment.

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Cennox is proud to have a diverse workforce, spread across several continents, yet all focused on delivering our One Cennox message. To celebrate this diversity in talent, we look to support our staff not only in their professional development, but also through the enrichment of their personal lives where possible. Our ESG developed a workgroup to seek out where and how we can support them.

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Cennox is a global business, made up of numerous acquired companies in several countries. Aligning our best practices and cementing our core beliefs and strategy around governance is important to Cennox. Our goal to ensure the protection of our colleagues, customers and business has accelerated the aligning of these practices as we continue to grow in size, and geographic footprint.

If we can make a positive impact in the places we have influence, one which benefits our colleagues, staff, the environment and communities in which we work, then surely that is a responsibility we are duty bound to explore - even challenge ourselves to undertake.
Chris Cockett
Group ESG Counsel