31.5.2024 • Security Technology News

Cennox releases the industry’s most advanced cloud-based intelligent dye solution, i.nk+

[BELGIUM – 31st May 2024 ] 

Cennox, a leading banking and retail services business, announces the global launch of i.nk+, their latest solution, representing a fusion of ink staining cassette technology with an innovative cloud-based platform. 

Emerging in response to evolving criminal tactics and to fulfill customers’ current and future needs, i.nk+ offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to enhance attack detection while enabling real-time monitoring, analytics, and asset management. Cennox’s new solution enhances security for ATMs and cash-handling devices and is a gateway to an interconnected IBNS ecosystem. 

The new i.nk+ cassette showcases an upgraded staining system that ensures superior ink coverage across banknotes and has the highest number of security certifications among competing products. In addition, i.nk+ has been released with a cloud-based interface. This portal serves as a single access point to provide complete visibility over all products deployed in the field. The customers will have access to real-time data, receive timely upgrades and maintenance, delve into advanced analytics, and troubleshoot issues remotely. Moreover, it significantly lowers operational costs, making it the most cost-effective cash security solution.  

“Cennox has been the leader for many years in the area of ink staining technology, but as times have changed, we understood the imperative to improve how our solutions operate, interact, and better support our customers. i.nk+ features state-of-the-art ink staining technology, the most advanced web monitoring platform for IBNS systems, and the most competitive pricing in the market.  Our new cash security solution is the game-changer that Cennox needed to introduce to the market.”  Mychal Kempt, Chief Revenue Officer, Cennox 

Cennox remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving security needs with i.nk+ serving as a prime example of this dedication. Cennox solidifies its position as a true market leader and the trusted partner for businesses seeking to protect their organizations, facilities, staff, and customers. 

For more information about i.nk+ and its benefits for your business, please visit www.cennox.com/ink or contact info@cennox.com. 



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