2.10.2023 • News

Cennox introduces the new Lincsafe DEPOSIT portfolio of Smart Safes to revolutionize the retail sector

[Alpharetta, GA, 2nd October 2023]– Cennox, a global provider of end-to-end services to the retail and banking industries, is proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Lincsafe DEPOSIT smart safe portfolio to the North American markets. This collection of cutting-edge solutions will provide cash accepting merchants with a family of payment solutions designed to drive point of sale and back-office cash management efficiencies.

Offered initially in MINI, PRO and DUO variants, with further modular options, the new Lincsafe DEPOSIT portfolio consists of scalable, secure, fast and robust in-store smart safe devices and a secure functionally rich software infrastructure to manage the devices and the cash operations they support. The technology has been optimized for the needs of the North American market based on feedback from leading world-class retailers and cash processors, while leveraging a proven, global platform, innovative design and efficient, modern manufacturing and quality assurance techniques, resulting in a benefit-rich and reliable solution delivered at a compelling price point.

“The launch of the new Lincsafe portfolio into North America signals a sizeable step change at Cennox, and a positive addition for our retail customers. Following the acquisitions of the FireKing Security Business in 2021 and Lincsafe in 2022, the combination of these two organizations, merging their strengths and capabilities with Cennox, has allowed us to develop a dynamic portfolio that better delivers on the needs of our customers. We are excited to launch the first wave of this advanced range that goes above and beyond the services currently available to retailers of all sizes and operations. Through a focus on innovation, modern processes and a competitive price point this range, being the first of many, is sure to positively disrupt the market”. Siôn Roberts, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Cennox.

The Smart Safes within the Lincsafe DEPOSIT range offer retailers an unparalleled level of functionality within a sleek new design and larger touchscreen interface. The devices are equipped with the latest software platform providing cloud-based visibility and real-time monitoring. Leveraging a strong pedigree in distributed, remote device support and maintenance programs, the new Lincsafe Smart Safe portfolio from Cennox connects better functionality with greater cost return.

“Our goal is to empower retailers with industry-leading solutions that address their pain points and help them thrive in an ever-evolving market. With the enhanced additions of the Lincsafe portfolio, we’re pleased to bring great, new, competitive, and much needed choice to retailers through solutions that will unlock new levels of efficiency, security, and customer convenience. Having these new devices on display at the NACS conference in Atlanta from 4th to 6th October, will give our customers early hands-on access to see and explore these new solutions. “ Mychal Kempt, Group Chief Revenue Officer, Cennox.


View the portfolio here: Smart Deposit Safes

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