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Feb 4, 2021

The Pleasures and Challenges of Managing a Nationwide Workforce

Cennox benefits from having a physical presence and in-house teams in every continental state, including Alaska. Our local presence gives us access to not only a joined-up approach to nationwide projects, but when third party subcontractors are needed to support a major roll-out, or are on request from our clients, we get to ensure the same high level of service. 

Across the U.S., Cennox has the facilities to support a nationwide service. From our major storage and refurbishment properties to the FSLs (Forward Stocking Locations), which support and replenish the part kits and equipment our teams require in the field. Together with a mature planning program, our teams are connected using our cloud-based project monitoring tools. These IT tools not only give our technicians the data, instruction and support to undertake their duties, but these apps and IT tools which we developed in-house, also enable us to connect our customers to the services we undertake on their behalf. 

Directly contracted Cennox technicians came into contact with over 80,000+ machines in 2020.

Due to our operational structure in tenured technicians, we have the flexibility to on-board large projects in a timely manner while completing projects on time. With our significant reporting capabilities, we are able to communicate with the client on progress and opportunities. 

In 2020, we completed over 379,475 work-orders, compared with 350,000 in 2019.

Cennox has strategically located warehouses throughout the U.S. to support a nationwide business. Our Operations Team also manages the replenishment of many FSLs and drop points to service our teams in the field. 

Our nationwide teams are on-boarded, trained and deployed through a meticulous and proven process to ensure we can meet the high number of orders. 

Our reach across all continental States through our own in-house team is one reason our customers lean on Cennox to facilitate their Field Services. 


There are many challenges with managing a nationwide workforce in a country as large as the U.S., from the complexity of aligning jobs with the experienced technician to ensuring they’re equipped with the appropriate tools for each job, but with our in-house Help Desk, tools and software we ensure on-time completion, the right technicians are assigned to each job and the customer SLAs are met.    

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