A picture of The art versus the act of installation. The Cennox Approach
Oct 12, 2020

The art versus the act of installation. The Cennox Approach

The art vs. the act of installation. The Cennox Approach

Every day, skilled teams crisscross the nation to undertake the process of installing a wide variety of products, from integrating complex technologies, to applying the latest signage projects over busy city streets. Each installation brings its own set of unique criteria which will require the right skillset, equipment, and experience to deliver a successful project.

This daily logistical challenge is perfectly choreographed and planned well in advance. It has to be. With such diverse capabilities, our internal help desks need to perfectly plot, plan and route our teams and their equipment from one project to the next, and from one location to the next, with many planned months in advance. This is where the ‘art of the installation’ takes shape.

Whether the project requires moving heavy equipment across marbled banking floors, delicate scanning devices traversing through airport terminals or robust ticketing machines concreting into car parks, our teams remain in tune with the expectations of the customer and the needs of the wider project, before seamlessly moving onto their next project. Consummate professionals at handing over each project in immaculate fashion, our team’s ability to move and install such a wide variety of products with our own in-house staff, vehicles and facilities is why many companies are attracted to our partnership approach for their corporate services.

Behind every Cennox engineer first to site is a service chain in place to support them. From the Project Managers to the Account Directors, Regional Field Managers, Help Desk Planners, Logistics Drivers and Fleet Support – to the Warehouse Managers and Equipment Loaders, Test Bench Engineers and Software Loaders, Trainers and Product Specialists there if needed.

While many companies still rely on a mix of companies to manage their installation requirements and the additional costs these attract, Cennox is trailblazing a strong reputation in many sectors for our in-house strengths. We deliver a best in-class and creative deployment of services, while reducing the costs and complexity of these services for our customers. This is what we do well and our people make it happen.

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