Mar 5, 2019


Branch Transformation

At Cennox, we believe that our reliable solutions will enhance operations for the branches of today & tomorrow. Our 'branch of the future' designs are slick, stylish & functional, creating an altogether immersive customer journey.

We are introducing ‘machines of the future’ which fall in line with ‘branch transformation solutions’. They will perform many tasks currently performed by retail banking staff. Deploying more of these machines will reduce the mundane services currently performed by the staff, leaving them more time to engage with customers over more complex banking needs and be able to offer the personal touch.
This is an exciting time for Cennox & our customers. The scope of services & solutions that we offer will deliver a truly new approach to Self Service.
Richard Grimmer - Managing Director UK & Ireland

Cennox is an established partner of Diebold Nixdorf, with exclusive rights to sell and maintain Opteva and Diebold series equipment in the UK and Ireland. As a full multi-vendor provider, Cennox has signed a UK & Ireland distribution and full service partnership agreement with Hyosung. As well as Diebold & Hyosung, we are also progressing distribution and service agreements with Keba, Banking Automation, & Integrex.
In addition, Cennox is also delivering other refurbished machine types including NCR, Triton and Wincor. These machines are refurbished to an ‘as new’ condition and offered to the market at very attractive prices.


Multifunction Machine

Advantages of a Multifunction Machine:

  • High capacity teller device
  • Cassette based
  • Transport cassette can be filled without opening safe
  • ECB certified
  • Capacity of 13,000 17,000 or 21,000 notes depending on configuration
  • Can operate in integrated of Standalone mode


  • Enables cash load/unload between external transit cassette and inner recycling cassette.
  • Tellers don’t need to open the safe door

Self-Service Kiosk

Advantages of a Self-Service Kiosk:

  • Wall mounted/free standing
  • Small footprint
  • Digital customer instructions
  • Digital advertising space
  • Built-in printers & weighing tray
  • Can be branded for each customer
  • Optional software solutions
  • Designed with a modular approach
  • Credit card integration for USA, Europe and UK
  • PCB and mechanical design and assembly
  • Test and diagnostics
  • From concept to deployment
  • Diverse knowledge resource
  • A wealth of self service experience
  • Give your customers exactly what they want
  • Deliver a solution unique to your business
  • Low volume trials
  • Rapid turnaround

Cennox provide solutions for leading brands in the Banking, Retail, Transport & Leisure industries. With headquarters in the UK, USA & Europe, Cennox delivers nationwide solutions to support our clients.

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