Mar 30, 2020


Our Cleaning Service & Processes Have Changed to Respond to the Coronavirus

We have listened to our customers and the advice of the Government. We have made the appropriate changes to enable our teams to respond to all of our clients' changing requirements surrounding the cleaning of their sites.

Our Sanitizing Services are Designed to Protect your Customers, Colleagues & Brand

Cennox field technicians covering the contintenal United States ensure each visit is recorded, monitored and pro-actively checked for any potential maintenance or security issues. This is just part of the cleaning service we offer our clients.

In these current times where a new name has entered the global psyche, COVID-19, we have reviewed and updated our services to allow our teams to respond more rapidly to the growing needs of service.

As specialists in the field, we know that regular, controlled proactive visits to each location has the potential to improve customer service, drive up income and reduce operating costs.

From Banks & ATMs to Retail Self-Service & Kiosks, we are Helping to Limit the Spread of COVID-19

Cennox work with customers across industries, providing numerous critical operational services. Cleaning has become one particular service which has moved from hygiene to business critical for many organizations.

From gas pumps to ATMs, Cennox is being asked by our customers to support them to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are listening to them and building regular site visits into their service.

Our Operations Team and Help Desk have responded to the global pandemic by changing the way we deliver our service and flex with the needs of our clients. In these evolving times, Cennox will continue to listen and react to what our customers need.

For more information, please email: us.sales@cennox.com

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