Apr 15, 2020


Quick and Responsive Vandalism Response Service

ATMs are vandalized by criminals regularly in the attempt to steal money or to damage the machine. Cennox provides quick and comprehensive, rapid vandalism response service in efforts to protect your assets and provide a safe environment for customers.  Our solutions, along with the following tips, will help avoid unfortunate scenarios of attacked or damaged ATMs.

  • Where possible, install ATMs in an open, visible area clear of obstructions
  • Install ample lighting at and around the ATM
  • Install and maintain security cameras covering maximal range around the ATM
  • Regularly view surveillance recordings, to watch for suspicious behavior or application of criminal devices
  • Immediately remove any markings or graffiti from the machine to avoid permanent damage to the ATMs surface
  • Ensure there is visible signs informing the criminal CCTV is in operation

Cennox provides full project management for these occurrences as we liaise with all parties involved, including law enforcement officers, to ensure swift and satisfactory resolutions. In the majority of cases, our technicians and field staff are able to repair the machine on-site. Our technicians’ advanced training and high level of expertise allows us to bring your machine back up to service in a single visit so that your customers experience the least inconvenience possible.

Through our parts and operations centers, we are able to carry a large inventory of spare parts and can replace affected areas quickly, which results in significant cost savings for our clients. Our vandalism response service drastically reduces the impact of a vandalized ATM, or other assets, on your business.

Crisis Response Services:

  • Single Point of Contact
  • Removal & Quarantine
  • Emergency Site Security
  • Site Restoration
  • Machine Redeployment
  • On-Site Fascia Repairs
  • Full Project Management

For more information, please email: us.sales@cennox.com

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