A picture of Cennox to announce a major upgrade to the ASD-8 Anti-Skimming Device at the ATMIA Security Conference
Dec 19, 2017

Cennox to announce a major upgrade to the ASD-8 Anti-Skimming Device at the ATMIA Security Conference

Cennox have made huge leaps in the development of successful anti-skimming devices. This progressive trends continues as we announce a further upgrade to our ASD-8 device to include enhanced signal jamming through the introduction of Quad Coil Technology.

With reported incidents of criminals successfully extracting card details from previously jammed data, the Cennox Security Team have developed and launched a new upgrade to their ASD-8, providing the most effective signal jamming solution in the industry. Rather than just one single signal jamming coil, the new ASD-8 upgrade now carries four and is able to protect a wider frequency and prevent the criminals filtering any captured data.

“The new quadraphonic upgrade to the ASD-8 is incredibly exciting. The improved effectiveness of the four coils and speed at which it works ensures no data is extracted and the customer’s card is protected. This is another successful launch by Cennox”. Patrick Phelan, Director of the Cennox Security Division.

The ATMIA Security Conference is no stranger to hearing about the successes of the ASD-8 device. The 2014 conference enjoyed a detailed review of how Cennox and Barclays Bank worked in partnership to develop the ASD-8 into a solution that would go on to completely eradicated card entrapment across their estate where the ASD-8 was installed.

The Cennox Security Division are looking forward to once again sharing this exciting news with the conference attendees, giving them the first opportunity to explore the effectiveness of Quad Coil Technology of the ASD-8 Anti-Skimming Device.

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