A picture of Cennox launch the ASD-SENTINEL to counter the threat of Razor Skimmers
Dec 19, 2017

Cennox launch the ASD-SENTINEL to counter the threat of Razor Skimmers

Following the hugely successful launch of the CSD-ARCIS Cash Spoiling Device, which saw its debut at the ATMIA Security Conference in London, Cennox have announced they are preparing to launch another breakthrough security product, the ASD-SENTINEL.

Described as a next generation of Anti-Skimmer, the ASD-SENTINEL has been designed to guard against the presence of deep insert skimmers, more precisely those referred to as Razor Skimmers. 

The ASD-SENTINEL is a physical standalone device, designed to sit silently within the card reader and prevent illegal skimmers being inserted within the card reader itself.

Patrick Phelan, Managing Director of the Cennox Security Division: “Cennox has designed and manufactured a product which gives customers the immediate protection against Razor Skimmers. The ASD-SENTINEL can be deployed across an entire estate incredibly quickly and extremely cost effectively. As the device is a physical product with no need to connect to any power supply, alarm system or ATM software, our banking customers can have the ASD-SENTINEL complete their own internal testing and installed on their machines with little to no delay.” 

As financial losses of skimming continue to rise in 2015, with Bloomberg reporting in May 2015 that the US Secret Service estimate this could be as much as $1 billion lost as a direct result of ATM attacks, banks and security organisations around the world are investing in the research to counter the rapidly growing threat of Razor Skimmers.

Cennox have already achieved incredible results at eradicate skimming attacks with devices like the ASD-8 Anti-Skimming Device, the ASD-SENTINEL looks set to deliver another effective blow to organised crime. With a criminal community intent on developing smaller and more technically advanced techniques, the razor thin skimmer appeared to be moving away from the 'traditional' skimming device, namely those attached to the outside of the machine and disguised as part of the ATM (overlay skimmers). The arrival of the Razor Skimmer seated deep inside the card reader itself was an important development, and one that required a swift resolution and reaction strategy. The ASD-SENTINEL is that response.

Cennox are members of EAST (European ATM Security Team) and active in combatting and sharing knowledge relating to ATM Crime. Frequently invited to attend conferences to provide talks and presentations on the global threats around the ATM, the Cennox Security Division are committed to seeking out effective solutions, developing devices which pre-empt attack and ultimately build safer ATM communities around the world.

More details on the ASD-SENTINEL is available here.

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