A picture of Cennox Group Receives Additional Patent for ATM-Skimming Protection Technology
Mar 20, 2017

Cennox Group Receives Additional Patent for ATM-Skimming Protection Technology

March 20, 2016 – Missoula, MT – Fresh on the heels of the recent announcement of a new patent for its ASD-8 technology, Cennox has received an additional patent for its ASD-SENTINEL, a physical solution that guards against ATM skimming devices.  The ASD-SENTINEL, a deep-insert anti-skimming device, is installed within ATM card readers to protect against the specific threat of razor thin skimmers.  Razor skimmers have become a common tool for criminals as the skimmer is inserted deep within the card reader, making it extremely difficult for the ATM user to detect the threat. 

“The ASD-SENTINEL is a great compliment to our suite of security products and is a prime example of the innovation that results from industry trends,” said Nick Cockett, Chief Operating Officer of Cennox.  “As criminals adapt, we are constantly developing new technology and solutions to protect our clients and their customers.”

With two patents granted in the last three months, Cennox is paving the way in revolutionizing the ATM security industry.  Learn more about the ASD-SENTINEL and Cennox’s other cutting-edge ATM security, maintenance, parts and field services at www.Cennox.com.

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