A picture of 3G Sunset and the impact on security systems
Jul 13, 2021

3G Sunset and the impact on security systems

As the need for faster wireless and better coverage grows, shutting down older networks will help the newer LTE/4G network meet these demands. The newer networks will make alarm systems more versatile than ever before with improvements to alarm communicators, end users and home security systems.

With the majority of 3G service due to be phased out at the end of 2021, systems running on a 3G network will stop communicating properly leaving protected premises unsecured. To avoid a disruption in service, any alarm that communicates over a 3G network will need to be upgraded with a new modem cellular communicator, regardless of who the security provider is.

Different carriers have different dates, but 3G will come to its end by 2022, and it is common practice for carriers to reduce coverage during transition periods. It’s also important to note that as cellular towers with 3G fail they are being upgraded to the new LTE/4G technology, often without passing this information on to customers. This means that as tower hardware fails, even before the sunset date, everyone is at risk of losing their connectivity.

With this in mind, it’s better to plan ahead and get a strategy in place for making sure any security system, or device for that matter, using 3G technology is upgraded as soon as possible for extra piece of mind.

Cennox can help audit, plan and transition financial and commercial security alarms using legacy networks to ensure a smooth upgrade while avoiding any potential service disruptions. In most cases, there is no need to replace the entire alarm system as Cennox can upgrade existing systems with compatible LTE cellular communicators.

Ready to upgrade? Contact us at info@cennox.com to discuss how we can help keep your alarms working and facilities protected before the deadline approaches.

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