Casino Security Solutions

Security is at the heart of Cennox. I am proud of the excellent work our teams are achieving across the United States to keep our customer's property protected.

We are Cennox. We Innovate, Maintain, Secure.

With nearly three decades of experience in the fire and security alarm industries, Cennox gives clients peace of mind by knowing that detection systems are in good working order. We provide our clients with an aggressively scheduled inspection service to ensure facility safety because regular maintenance is the best long-term protection.

In addition to our alarm services experience, we have a portfolio of products designed and built by our research and development colleagues in the United Kingdom. These products have succeeded in delivering huge blows to the criminal community that targets ATMs. Developed in partnership with banks and already successfully eliminating ATM fraud from many of the worst hit machines, Cennox strives to lead the way in security products and their implementation.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the security problem you are facing, we can offer a solution. Cennox is committed to providing excellent security services and products for financial institutions.


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