Product Security

Solutions to prevent theft and organised crime

Our solutions are designed to protect, detect and deter

Our intelligent tracking solutions are designed to detect stolen items with pinpoint accuracy

Cennox provides numerous tracking solutions which are designed to detect products the moment they are stolen. Our systems can identify their movements in real-time, allowing our security teams to immediately track their direction of travel, allowing us to guide law enforcement teams to their exact location.*

* Region specific availability

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Incredible successes in returning stolen items and securing numerous criminal convictions

Our security solutions have successfully located and returned stolen goods following crimes across many countries. In the process of our involvement, law enforcement agencies have managed to apprehend criminals in procession, leading to arrests, convictions and the disruption of both small-time and organised crime gangs.

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Our covert tracking solutions are designed for numerous applications and products of all sizes

Our tracking solutions are designed for a multitude of applications and requirements. They range from individually wrapped mobile phone cases and tobacco cartons, targeting organised crime within the courier, retail and warehouse locations, to specific deployment for small single items or large expensive equipment.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed to repatriate owners with their stolen goods

Satellite tracked solutions

With many ‘ready to deploy’ solutions, Cennox can quickly provide devices within at-risk environments. Secreted within the product or packaging, these effective devices immediately notify local law enforcement teams the instant a theft occurs, giving the police time to initiate the ESP system (Electronic Satellite Pursuit) and track the offenders to within metres.

Law enforcement partnerships

Cennox works with law enforcement agencies in many countries, in real-time, guiding them to products the moment they have been stolen. This immediate response gives the police the confidence of achieving a successful capture and conviction.

Examples of our tracking solutions

As well as custom covert tracking solutions created for specific applications, Cennox has worked with specific product manufacturers to create and deploy decoy products within high risk locations. Some examples being:

  • Tobacco tracking
  • iphone tracking
  • Cash tracking
  • Pharmaceutical tracking
  • ATM tracking
  • and others
Our tracking devices have provided the police with the tools to make a rapid arrest and recovery of stolen goods. With pinpoint accuracy, we are able to reunite our customers with their stolen property.
Derek Pates
Head of Security Solutions