Solutions designed to protect your facilities

CCTV solutions designed around your business and positioned to monitor the key spaces that matter

Our systems save staff intensive time searching through endless footage. Our audible and visual alarm systems are highly sensitive, and can alert authorities immediately upon any suspicious behaviour. We can offer AI software that provides you with the data that matters to you most.

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Access control solutions control how people should move through your facilities

Our access control solutions portfolio is a future-proof offering of high-level security and access control systems,  even for the most demanding requirements. We provide keyless, digital, electromechanical, and mechanical options across all businesses, industries, and critical infrastructure sites.

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We provide comprehensive alarms systems that protect your staff, customers and facilities

We work with customers to build an alarm strategy which provides the right coverage and response for their specific businesses. From silent alarms which connect direct to the security desk, to audible sirens and CCTV enabling systems designed to give the ultimate warnings, be that for safety or unwanted intruders.

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Security as a service

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Consultation and learning

Every security project starts with a conversation and desire for us to understand what your specific needs are, and which technology platforms can best deliver those requirements.  Cennox proudly takes a consultative approach to each project.

Technology procurement

Cennox can source, advise and procure technology from many of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our brand agnostic approach will ensure you receive the products which are right for your project, whether that is based on price or a specific technical requirement.

Nationwide installation service

Cennox manages the entire CCTV and access control installation program for our customer’s. From coast-to-coast, from start to finish, we are the only partner you’ll need to install and mange your security network across your facilities.

Scheduled maintenance services

Cennox is the trusted partner providing the ongoing maintenance of our customers’ security infrastructure. From surveys, repairs, replacement parts and general ongoing care, we help ensure your protective networks work when they have to.

Local helpdesk support

We are proud to provide our customers with access to our own helpdesk, able to manage and process your assistance calls and complete 1st and 2nd line maintenance help when you need it.

Surveys and compliance services

Our trained engineers provide nationwide surveys and compliance services for our electronic security customers. These scheduled visits are documented and reported, and can also include preventative checks while our teams are on-site.