Tobacco Tracking

Tobacco Tracker automatically triggers a silent theft alert upon motion. The tracking information is automatically accessed by security surveillance centres who inform local law enforcement, allowing for the safe pursuit and apprehension. 


  • Multiple packaging options 
  • Fully automatic and silent 
  • Battery self-checks daily to ensure uninterrupted service 
  • Uses smart technology to store data if cell connection is lost 
  • Easy to use and maintain 
  • ‘Do It Yourself ‘friendly for install and charging 


The Cennox ESP (Electronic Satellite  Pursuit) system is accessed by security control centers who inform local Law Enforcement allowing safe pursuit and criminal apprehension. 

Cigarettes have been a staple of criminal and black market activity for generations. With organised criminals targeting specific locations, the Tobacco Tracker sits silently waiting to activate and lead the police to those responsible.




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