Self-Checkout Terminals

Our small footprint self-service checkout terminals enable our retail customers to use more machines in the same transaction area - speeding up their customers purchase by reducing queues.

We are Cennox. We Maintain, Innovate, Secure.

Cennox work with our customers to develop or source the terminals which suit the footprint of their stores and deliver on the requirements of their client's needs. The terminals we provide can be delivered out of the box or further developed, customised to deliver a richer retail experience.

Small Footprint Kiosk

Ideal for small footprint transaction areas, whether that is due to floor space, or desire to deploy more terminals in an existing space to speed up high traffic areas - our terminals are ideal. Compact, intelligent devices with stunning large screen interface.

The Mini Bio Self-Checkout has a compact design that can be configured to meet the requirements of a variety of store types. The Bi-Optic scanner also includes a weigh scale for loose produce.

The Mini Bio Self Checkout has been designed primarily for higher volume smaller basket purchases and is available with a range of card payment options. There is an optional bagging area that is complete with an area to provide reassurance that the item scanned is the item bagged.

Optional Age Verification Technology

To speed up authorisation processes during busy times, our terminals can come with an age verification scanner. Using cutting edge facial mapping technology, customers can 'self-prove' their age allowing for a faster purchase before final approval by store staff.

The automated age verification system can be used on any of our kiosks and has market leading accuracy offering the best value for money. Helping you to easily control access to age restricted purchases and premises.

The triple camera technology includes a 3D anti-spoofing mechanism to ensure the subject being scanned is a real person rather than a photo and typically performs age verification in under 2 seconds.

Automatic age verification is high speed and consistent, allowing for reduced staff intervention and faster customer throughput.


  • Automated age verification
  • 3D Anti-fraud system
  • Unrivalled accuracy
  • Standalone device
  • Field proven reliability


  • Increased throughput and revenue
  • Market leading accuracy
  • No 3rd party fees or ongoing costs
  • Eliminates need for expensive hardware
  • Lowest cost of ownership


  • 15", 17" or 19" Touch LCD
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Receipt / Ticket Printer
  • Dual Security Locks
  • 14 Gauge Mild Steel Construction
  • Basket Shelf
  • Bagging Area

Optional Components

  • Basket Shelf
  • Bagging Shelf or Bagging Area with Load Cell
  • External Fiscal Printer Shelf
  • Coupon Store
  • 4G Router Connection
  • Lane Light
  • 15" ,17" or 19" Touch LCD
  • Stereo Speaker Sound
  • Barcode Scanner 1D , 2D, QR Code
  • Custom Colour (RAL Code Required)
  • Custom Branding
  • Contactless Payment Module




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