Postal Lockers - Last Mile Delivery

Cennox supports several organisations through the storage, logistics and installation of Locker Systems across the United Kingdom & Ireland.

The Solution to Last Mile Delivery

Major shipment and logistics organisations have been deploying solutions which answer the question of improving efficiencies around last mile delivery. in addition, the question also relates to providing consumers a solution to receiving and sending products at a time and location convenient to them. Locker systems come in many shapes and size and allow both companies and consumers are welcoming the deployment of these devices.

Cennox has approached Locker installation as we do across all hardware projects, through providing a wide portfolio of capabilities which benefit each locker company.

Our Locker Service

  • Start to finish Project Management
  • Collection & storage of lockers pre-deployment
  • Branding the lockers prior to deployment
  • Prestaging and testing lockers
  • Site Surveys prior to deployment
  • Logistical transportation of lockers to site
  • Physical Installation of each locker
  • Regular ongoing Maintenance
  • Vandalism response
  • Repair & Refurbishment Solutions



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