Commercial Fit-Out

Through our Project Management capability, we deliver a number of tailor-made services designed to facilitate our client's needs, whilst operating within fiscal resources. The successful delivery of numerous branch fit-outs and project-winning design concepts, our Commercial Fit-Out division of Cennox Plc repeatedly secure contracts due to our unique position of being able to manage 99.9% of the project in-house.

From renovating the Starbucks chain, installing kiosks within International travel hubs to light signage work on the sides of major UK landmarks, our fit-out teams are able to deliver on the project.

The foundations of Cennox are unique, our future is certain! Our portfolio of in-house skills and departments which cover Design, Signage, Installation, Construction, Management, Consultation, and Servicing, the Cennox Fit-Out division frequently connects multiple departments within a single project, proving just how much and end-to-end solutions business we are.

Industry Specialists Overseeing Projects

Cennox employ specialist managers to oversee only their specific areas. Our teams work seperately to each other but in partnership when necesssary.

Project Management Specialists

Cennox have an appetite for exceeding our customers' expectations. Our ability to manage our projects and execute them with precision is why our clients repeatedly turn to Cennox.


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