Cennox release a large quantity of Cineo V5 ATM machines to the market.

Cennox has recently completed the major acquisition of a large quantity of Cineo V5 ATM Machines. 

Our customers can now enjoy access to the strongest competitive pricing on these devices, their associated parts and ongoing support.

All devices are availlable for purchase on a first come, first served basis -

  1. Machines available Tested & Working or Fully Refurbished
  2. Buy now collect later - storage options available
  3. Ongoing parts support options available
  4. Large quantities availabe - with discounts to match!
  5. eMAIL US FOR MORE INFO: uk.partsales@cennox.com

We will be sharing further details through our CINEO V5 season - In our first series we will look at the CMD V5 dispenser assembly.

Sample part numbers of the V5 dispenser assembly:

  • 01750183289 - CMD V5 Stacker w/single reject
  • 01750215295 / 01750305086 - CMD V5 Extract w/DMS
  • 01750215294 / 01750305085 - CMD V5 Extract wo/DMS
  • 01750215296 - CMD V5 Chassis
  • 01750174768 - CMD V5 control board

The V5 dispenser can be purchased as a whole unit to allow the upgrading of your ATM, or the individual modules can be purchased as FRUs. 
Spare and repair parts are available to service and maintain the V5 dispenser. 

eMAIL US FOR MORE INFO: uk.partsales@cennox.com



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