ThinPac Smoke Device

Providing customers with a comprehensive portfolio of security products is the key driver in the Cennox story. The threats our customers face are varied and changing, for this reason we believe in giving a comprehensive suite of security devices which address the needs of each customer.

ThinPack Smoke Device

Our ThinPac device is our highly effective theft device, designed to give an immediate and visable response to an attack on a branch where cash is the criminals main target. Once triggered, the ThinPac device releases a cloud of red smoke which not only destroys the notes stolen, but draws attention to the fleeing criminal in spectacular fashion. The end result is typically the cash being discarded quickly after the theft, for repatriation by the Central Bank.


  • 27 of the Top 50 European Banks use ThinPac technology​
  • ​86 of the Top 100 U.S. Banks Holding Companies use ThinPac technology​
  • ​30 of the Top 100 World Banking Companies are ThinPac customers​
  • ​ThinPac is used 3.5 times every business day

Cost Effective

  • Recovers more cash​
  • ​Stained cash recovered is reimbursed by ECB to rightful owner​
  • ​Offers insurance benefits​
  • ​Improves staff confidence after attacks​
  • ​Improves corporate image by attack deterrence​
  • ​Focuses branch personnel on profitable activities, not fear for own safety​

Safe & Secure

  • No personnel intervention required​
  • ​Fully automatic operation at a safe distance​
  • ​Tailored to suit each location​
  • ​Inconspicuous but active deterrent​
  • ​Installed and maintained by security professionals​
  • ​Easy to handle by trained staff​
  • ​Tested and toxicologically approved

Proven Performance

  • Over 20,700 hold ups worldwide​
  • ​£63m of cash recovered​
  • ​More than 7,100 criminals arrested​
  • ​Impressive recovery and arrest record​
  • ​Strong deterrent effect​
  • ​Based on over 33 years of hold-up experience on a global installed product base​
  • ​Attack follow up and database statistics



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