Bespoke Solutions

Cennox frequently work with our customers' design or marketing team, or architects to explore options to create something special for your company or organisation. With completed projects outlined in our Case Studies pages, you will see just how varied and challenging our bespoke sign projects have been.

With bespoke and specialised signs, often comes the need for skilled logistics teams to get those signs installed. Be it installing signs at height, or within buildings with challenging access routes, Cennox have the teams and experience to also manage this area. 

Below are just some of the in-house skills our master craftsmen possess to realise your bespoke sign project:

Metal Work

Architectural metalwork of all types is produced using both CNC machinery and handcraftsmanship in our own workshops.

Fascia and Projecting Signs

For over 130 years The Lettering Centre have been manufacturing and installing signs for many high profile companies. From concept to completion our Master Sign-Makers will work to implement your company's corporate identity onto a listed building or more modern construction. 

Coupling or Master Sign-Makers with cutting edge machinery and top end design allow us to deliver exciting new and creative Point of sale to you customers or end users. Because we retain all of our manufacture in house we can recall the skills of metal fabrication woodwork chemical etching or more to deliver exactly what you're looking for.


Heraldry dates back to the middle ages when knights in their full suits of armour were recognised by the crests they bore. Today County Councils, Universities, Courts of Law and Embassies abroad use coats of arms, crests, logos and emblems for their identification. 

Our Master Sign-Makers can create large and small coats of arms in glass-fibre, cast aluminium, cast bronze, or ultimately Carved wood. All of our heraldic Art is hand painted in our own studio by our own craftsmen, with Gold Burnishing to finish the effect.

Royal Crests or Royal Warrants or other designated warrants' can be supplied with citation plates giving a brief description of the bearer. Citation plates can be made from most materials.

Vinyl Graphics and Digital Print

Many of our customers are turning to the power of digitally printed graphics to promote their business or services. Our solutions can include; large format digital prints, digital printed wallpaper, window mounted displays, cut vinyl's applied to laminate partitions, Foamex or acrylic panels.

Silk Screen Printing

With dedicated staff and modern equipment we are ideally suited to meet your print requirements onto a wide variety of substrates, we have developed into a leading screen-print specialist incorporating our own in-house screen printing facilities giving you the widest possible choice of printing solutions.

Glass and Timber

The return to the use of glass and timber for signage has enabled us to show off skills that have been in the company for over a century. Our Craftsmen work with Wood and gold leaf to produce intricate scrolling text and detailing for hotels and retailers around the world.


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