Our new series called Thinking Positive, shares our own observations, experiences and new ways of working during this challenging time, when the news out there carries a naturally more sombre tone.

These are unprecedented times, and this is a collective journey where nobody can foresee where or when things will 'return to normal'. So as we head into this new way of working and keeping in touch remotely, we want to make sure we stay connected and share the positive side of things.

It's important that we stay positive, be kind and keep in touch!


Organizations across the world continue to face stark challenges, the type of challenge which only come around perhaps, once every century. We share Tracy Heiner's five steps to achieving positive impacts on business during these challenging times.

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Thinking Positive.Communication - In this first edition we centre around Communication, and how many of our colleagues still able to work at this time, who are having to experience new and creative ways of talking with our colleagues and customers.

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