Cennox Overview

Cennox is an industry leader, offering a wide range of solutions to the world’s leading banks, retail and commercial institutions. Our streamlined comprehensive services, robust processes and vast infrastructure enable Cennox to deliver best-in-class solutions that give us a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Globally recognized for our growth via acquisition and inward investment, Cennox is an industry pioneer with operations on six continents and central offices in the United Kingdom and United States.  Through an unmatched focus on strengthening customer relationships, we leverage our deep portfolio of customized in-house solutions to deliver unique, personalized service to every client.

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Cennox Solutions


Field Services

Cennox provides comprehensive, centrally managed field services for our clients across a range of industries.  We leverage our team of in-house experts, extensive network of specialists and roots in the ATM industry to offer a robust portfolio of field services. Cennox is proud to be a global market leader in design, installation, construction, repair, refurbishment, signage, servicing, parts logistics, project management and much more.

Cennox Specialist Parts

Cennox is truly a one-stop provider of new and refurbished parts. We are proud to offer an inventory of more than 3 million parts and consumables on hand, direct purchasing via our website, and a team of professionals ready to answer your questions.

Security & Alarm

Cennox is an innovator of security products for the banking, commercial and retail industries. Our cutting-edge, patented ASD-8 anti-skimming device, ASD-SENTINEL, and other complementary security offerings give Cennox clients access to the best security products available.  Cennox technology is currently in use by many of the largest financial institutions in the UK and US.

Branch Transformation

With expertise in signage, branding, project management and construction services, Cennox has your transformation and build-out needs covered.  From concept to execution, breathtaking projects are our specialty.

Global Coverage - Local Focus

Surrey, UK

United Kingdom
Surrey, UK

From our headquarters based in Surrey, UK, Cennox has developed a network of offices and teams across Europe to ensure the greatest service coverage for our closest neighbours and beyond.

With a vast Operation Centre in Camberley, and several other large operational hubs in Manchester & London, the UK is a powerhouse for the servicing, storage, sales and production of our portfolio of offerings.

With additional representation in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Kosovo, Cennox’s strategic expansion model allows us to reach out to customers and deliver exceptional services to institutions around the world.

In Camberley, Cennox employs additional strategically based staff who are native speakers to various regions. These in-house teams actively support customers across Eastern Europe, from Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Latvia  and beyond.

Missoula, MT

United States
Missoula, MT

Located in beautiful Missoula, Montana, our US headquarters is home to our call, scheduling and routing centers, business administration and support, project managers and executive leadership. Cennox has offices and staff located across the United States, with representation throughout all lower 48 states and Alaska.

With more than 260 strategically located, directly employed field technicians, we provide agility and immediate response to our clients.

And as a one-stop shop with a nationwide network, business with Cennox results in consolidated vendor management for our clients, often resulting in dramatic cost savings.

In addition to our network of field technicians and our corporate headquarters in Missoula, Montana, we have sales teams across the country, as well as a dedicated Parts and Operations Center in Smyrna, Georgia, our Project and Security Solutions division in Los Angeles, CA and our Complete Security Service in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Brussels, Belgium

Following the successful acquisition of 3SI Security Systems' European Division in the summer of 2017, Cennox have extended our footprint in Europe through our new offices in Brussels, Belgium, courtesy of this exciting new merger.

With staff and customers spread across the region, our teams in Europe have been able to increase market visibility of our wider portfolio of products and services that Cennox customers have come to enjoy.

Brussels is the ideal central location to support our expansion and service delivery, connecting Banks and Retail companies with the very best in Security, Hardware & Parts urchasing, refurbishment and repair - as well as our Signage & Branding services.


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