A picture of Cennox partners with Autocanteen, an AI-powered self-checkout solution for catering
25th May 2021

Cennox partners with Autocanteen, an AI-powered self-checkout solution for catering

London, United Kingdom, April 25, 2021 – Cennox, a leading global implementation provider, partners with Autocanteen, to deploy and service their self-checkout solution in the UK nationwide.

The computer vision self-checkout solution of Autocanteen has received a tremendous amount of interest from the global leaders in contract catering. The industry has recognised the benefits of small footprint, rapid transaction terminals. With cost benefits as well as customer satisfaction improvements, this new partnership will hope to accelerate their deployment across the UK.

Cennox continues to make an impact in retail and are focused on adding value to its customers by providing innovative solutions. Cennox is a market leading provider of payment and technology solutions, store enhancements and business security.

The partnership brings out the support of hundreds of field engineers to roll-out a cutting-edge AI powered solution to the UK retail and hospitality sector.

We’re very excited to be involved at the very beginning of Autocanteen’s journey. Their product is truly innovative and will be a game changer within the catering and quick serve food arena. We look forward to the future, there really are no limits as to where this product will go.

Guy Thorne, Sales Director Cennox UK & Ireland

Launched in May 2020, Autocanteen can demonstrate its value to leading catering and quick serve food businesses and organisations as companies, employees and students up and down the country return to retail locations, offices and universities. Its solution brings significant business benefits, including reduced operating costs, reduced queues, increased revenues and less food waste – with self-service transactions taking less than 10 seconds.

Customers are very impressed, once they realise there's no need to fiddle with menu categories any longer on a traditional self-checkout POS system and they just need to place their items and tap a card, their emotions are rewarding to watch. 

Sergii Khomenko, Co-Founder & CEO Autocanteen

About Cennox

Cennox is a complex services partner. We work with the world's leading organisations demonstrating real end-to-end solutions, tailor-made to meet the needs of our clients. From nationwide installation services and technical hardware provision, to implementing security solutions, signage projects and facility transformation.

About Autocanteen

Autocanteen uses computer vision and deep learning algorithms for the identification of products rather than relying on barcodes. The blazing-fast neural network, that doesn’t have to be educated for days, will grasp and identify hot meals, drinks or snacks in a fraction of a second. All terminals act as one organism sharing learnt product knowledge in the cloud. The company has been found by Sergii Khomenko and Rosty Kerei and is based in Gerrards Cross, United Kingdom.

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