Service Overview

With years of experience as a trusted partner for various companies, we can offer a wide range of services for Workplace Management. 

Designing of the workplace

Cennox provides end-to-end services for building a modern contemporary workplace from the bottom up. Service consultations allow us to understand the customer's needs and requirements. We can furnish an entire empty office space through our in-house design team. Cennox provides the latest hardware and software equipment that enables employees to work in the best possible conditions. 

Purchase of hardware and software

We advise and take care of the purchase of all hardware and software material. We use our extensive portfolio of services and products as a multi-vendor company. Close contacts with many suppliers enable us to generate a wide selection. 

(De)Installing IT equipment

Cennox is the one-stop shop for the installation of all IT services. Our in-house capabillities have years of experience installing and operating the latest sophisticated hardware and software for all business. When moving to a different office, we help dismantle all equipment and install it at the new location. Our IT engineers sit down with the customer to discuss quick-wins, so that a company can already take steps forward on IT side. 

End-of-life IT equipment can be recovered by our services. Our teams undertake meticulous data destruction and try to give devices a second life, for example, in cooperation with some social enterprises.  Cennox is committed to an eco-friendly world. By refurbishing devices, they can be passed on to other sectors. Equipment that can no longer be repaired will be recycled. This way we limit the ecological footprint. 

Fast IT-support

Cennox stands for fast and accurate support of work services. Our field services come on-site to repair or swap IT equipment. Through our nationwide field network, Cennox can quickly be on site at any location. 

Cennox also offers an on-site help desk, giving IT specialists a permanent place within a working environment. This allows them to intervene in all circumstances in case of application and/or IT problems. Our IT experts are familiar with the latest software updates, giving IT equipment a longer lifespan. There is also our multilingual help desk, which can provide remote assistance for people in the office or working from home. 

Reparing services

At the logistics headquarters in Belgium (Brussels), Cennox can repair and bring back into service any device, regardless of brand. Cennox takes on the entire logistical cycle, from storage to transport of IT equipment. 


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