Cel Data Services (CELDS) now Cennox


In April 2020 Cennox announced the acquisition of Belgian business, Cel Data Services (CELDS). This acquisition was one of several others on mainland Europe aimed at Cennox building a business capable of delivering the industries most comprehensive financial services business in the region.

CELDS teams and facilities remain in place, with all services once delivered by their teams, still ongoing. 

As a CELDS customer and now part of Cennox,  customers can now enjoy access to our full prtfolio of services designed to transform our customer's organisations.

Yes. In fact, alongside their technology servicing and installation services, Cennox actually has a much wider portfolio of services, products, and teams, servicing the same key markets. This new collaboration gives CELDS customers access to a wider and more cost effective portfolio of choice.

Yes, the teams, offices and phone numbers have not changed at all.

Yes. Cennox currently support customers worldwide, and across many different business sectors.  We have offices in Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, & USA. We also have staff supporting customers in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Holland, Italy and Poland.


To discuss your requirements call +32 (0)2 713 62 40 or email eu.sales@cennox.com