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19 août 2020

Developing an IT Environment In-House, to Support a Nationwide Service

Working on complex or challenging projects across a nationwide roll-out program, requires a certain level of meticulous planning and robust processes – it also requires the best IT infrastructure to support a demanding and fluid business. Cennox is a company continually looking for innovations to complement its core business, with an in-house IT department, we integrate their resources into our framework for decision making and information sharing when challenged with developing resources for our company and our customers.   

The Cennox IT Department has successfully installed and implemented complex solutions to ensure our nationwide team has the tools and resources to manage and complete projects for our diverse coverage that spans the country. Cennox has built-in communication modules to ensure efficiency in communication practices and activities. Our communication strategies always consider measurable expectations, change, and actions needed to create meaningful long-term success for our internal and external stakeholders. At Cennox we utilize our capabilities to build and deploy, comprehensive communication and reporting to meet the needs of our customers. 

Why is any of this important? Put simply - detail, speed and accuracy of service delivery spearheads operational and financial efficiencies. As a result, our in-house IT team develop many of the tools we use because there wasn’t anything on the open market which comprehensively delivered the end result and detail we required. These apps and online platforms are used by our staff and customers 365 days a year and are frequently complimented on for their appropriate detail and availability of data. 

Customer Portal 

Cennox provides a customer extranet portal, a website that allows clients to review all work completed on their behalf. The work viewable through the portal includes customer’s asset information, works performed, site photographs, and custom data collected as requested. An unlimited number of user accounts for our customer’s employees can be provisioned upon request, and if desired, customers can manage user accounts themselves. Access to the customer portal is provided through support contracts according to each customer requirements and tailored to reflect the scope of contracted work. 

Customer Branded End-User Portal 

Cennox is sometimes deployed as a subcontractor, for this reason we understand that our customers may want to share the data and photos we collect directly with their end customer, using their own branding and not Cennox branding. For this reason, Cennox created a custom branded web-based portal for the end customer that is simplified from our normal extranet portal and hosted in the cloud on our secure servers. One additional feature of this portal is that it allows the end customer to record survey data on their own for their sites in addition to survey data collected by Cennox. Customers that choose this service must either be on a Cennox IT support contract that includes custom application hosting or pay for the hosting on an ad-hoc basis. 

On Demand IT Support 

We know that customers choose Cennox for our exemplary fieldwork, but we also recognize that many customers turn to Cennox to augment their internal IT capabilities. Whether it is scheduled or on demand report development, complicated data interchange, enhancements to our systems to fulfill customer requirements, we have the resources and experience to help. Our IT support to customers is offered at negotiated rates, with support contracts available to reduce overall costs and streamline budgeting and billing. 

Work Force Training & Reference Guides 

Cennox has developed expertise across a wide array of field services over the years, and we know that many customers could benefit from putting the training resources we’ve developed to work for their own employees. Cennox provides web and mobile app-based training and reference guides for your employees, customized to your needs. 


In summary, Cennox has taken a creative, in-house approach to developing the right tools to facilitate the complex requirements of supporting customers across a nationwide footprint. Flexible and customer centric, our tools are one of the focal points of positive feedback that our teams receive and this is testament to the skilled IT and software developers that work at Cennox. Service delivery excellence is driven through our ability to share clear evidence and relative content around our customers’ projects – at the same time simultaneously equipping a field force with the reliable tools which they can lean on and respond to. 

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