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We oversee the complexities of supplying and supporting your office IT equipment

We provide a cost-efficient and brand-independent approach to IT sourcing and support. With years of experience managing mass roll-outs and complex IT staging, ensures the accurate and meticulous installation of hardware and software meets the needs of the modern workplace.

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Embrace the modern mix of office and remote working with the right IT partner

The modern working environment is now a challenging hybrid of home and office working. We help organisations flex to this change by providing their staff with the right IT tools, set up ready to connect and communicate with your network and supporting systems.

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Downtime is costly and impacts your business. We support a varied IT portfolio

Cennox provide support across all of modern life’s infrastructure, from desktops and associated components (keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc) to the latest sophisticated software, printers, tablets, smartphones, e-walls, kiosks, pin pads, video walls and screens.

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IT Strategy Planning

Procuring equipment for your office staff, remote workers and field force is a serious investment. It also carries risk should those systems fail to correctly connect or need regular help desk support. We plan IT architecture to solve the challenges your organisation faces today, and builds in scope for future changes and room for your business to grow.

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Device & Software Management

Your IT devices will continue to evolve and upgrade, as will the software licences and patches that need to support them. How these are managed and administered across your staff is an area Cennox can support your business.

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Help Desk Support

Our local service desk provides a professional platform designed to oversee the support required to manage your IT infrastructure and monitor all interactions made with your staff.

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Our customers benefit from our proactive approach to the management of their workplace IT needs. From initial procurement to ongoing support, we pride ourselves on delivering these services around a cost effective, operational focused ethos.
Frederick de Prest
General Manager, Cennox Europe

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Cennox is one of the most diverse and trusted brands in Managed Service partnerships. We invest in building strong and meaningful relationship with our clients. Committed to remain their single source supplier supporting them on their transformation  journey of growth and operational efficiency.

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