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Technology strategies to grow your business

Customers rely on Cennox to advise, source, and support the technology they need to grow their businesses

We work with a broad base of customers across sectors to understand, connect, and visualise their customers’ journeys. Not all customers are the same, nor do they want to mimic what others do. We believe in delivering the technology which delivers on the needs of their business and supports them on that strategy of growth through the right technology choices.

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Our agnostic approach to technology ensures we focus on the right solutions, not the only solutions

We believe in providing our customers with the technology that is built around sound advice, the best fit for their requirements and solutions that will assist them in their long-term growth strategy. From banking technology, customer facing and retail payment platforms to hospitality and transportation devices which connect with people travelling through.

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We connect the world’s leading brands with the solutions that allow them to engage with their customers

Our solutions start with the simple need. How can these solutions engage with your customers? How can they improve their interactions with your brand, build loyalty, improve their experience and grow your business. We then look across a wide portfolio of technology and build the infrastructure that delivers that need.

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What you can expect from us

Technology planning

Customers never call us to ask for product A, B or C. They always wish to discuss their business needs, why they need it, and how we can we realise it. Our approach has always been to walk with our customers on their journey and to understand which technology will deliver the best for them. Planning and strategic infrastructure mapping is how we deliver that need.

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Device procurement

Our teams support an agnostic technology approach to procurement. This ensures customers receive the right solutions for their businesses, not just any solution available. These include the full IT mix, from product sales, best software requirements, how they communicate and connect to their systems and how these solutions deliver on the ROI and customer experience.



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Nationwide deployment and installation

From heavy banking ATM installations, to travel ticket kiosks and retail/hospitality equipment, our nationwide field management teams ensure your products are received, staged, installed and setup ready to go. No matter where you need them, our teams get them there.

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Ongoing maintenance

Our customers trust us to support their technology in the field. From 1st and 2nd line maintenance, to a fully managed support contract, we build the relationships and support those relationships by leading the industry in the best support programs available.

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Refurbishment services

Cennox benefits from numerous refurbishment centres worldwide. This allows us to receive and refurbish our customers’ technology, restage it, rebrand, repair, and return it to the field. For others, we hold an extensive inventory of refurbished devices and their associated parts.

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Replacement part management

Cennox supports customers with the provision of replacement parts and modules for a wide range of technology devices. With our global network of parts hubs, we can manage the refurbishment and arrange the repair and provision of replacement parts for customers across a wide geography. Cennox is able to support businesses managing a large network of technologies.

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Helpdesk support

We support our business customers and their staff with an established helpdesk service. Providing their staff with a single contact number and access to a skilled service desk able to respond to anthing from general requests, to complex technical support engagement. Cennox also works with customers to build a helpdesk which is aligned to their specific needs.

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Our customers trust us to advise on the technology solutions that will enhance, grow, and protect their businesses. That may sound simple, but it is anything but. They trust us because they know we understand them and what they want to achieve. That is so much more complex. That's why we are Cennox!
Guy Thorne
Sales Director, Cennox UK & Ireland

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Cennox is one of the most diverse and trusted brands in managed service partnerships. We invest in building strong and meaningful relationships with our clients. Committed to remain their single source supplier supporting them on their transformation  journey of growth and operational efficiency.

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