Our Centres of Excellence provide the replacement parts our customer's rely on

The provision of new replacement parts and components

Our global parts division source and supply new parts for a wide range of technology. With customers across the retail, financial, transportation, and hospitality sectors, we ensure we carry the right parts to support them.

Options to acquire refurbished parts and device modules

Cennox refurbish thousands of worn or ageing parts each month, returning them to the open market with new quality warranties. With obvious cost savings and access to new and legacy parts, Cennox refurbished parts are  trusted by customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

A repair program focused on quality control and environmental stewardship

Cennox works with a growing number of customers keen to maintain a responsible estate of devices, with faulty parts being extensively repaired and returned to service, rather than disposed of and often destined for landfill. Let us share with you details of our repair programs and approach to the environment.

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