Refresh and preventative maintenance

Upholding your standards across your facilities

We build a scheduled clean and refresh program to suit the needs of your organisation

Our customers typically build refresh schedules to suit the environments and locations of their facilities. As no two sites are the same, we ensure the visits and services we undertake are able to add real value to their organisation. After all, this isn’t just about cleaning – its about people trained to interact with your facilities and ensure they reflect your standards. #morethanjustcleaning

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Our cloud based image repository gives you the latest visibility over the appearance of your facilities

Customers with numerous sites often tell us their greatest challenge is understanding what their estate actually looks like. With sites often carrying aging or incorrect branding, or just looking more weathered than others, they appreciate using our cloud based portal to see in realtime, or over a period of time, what each of their sites look like. #morethanjustcleaning

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Our site technicians are trained to do preventative checks and look for security issues

Can any company clean facilities with complex technology? Possibly. But, unlike Cennox, can they also detect a covert security threat, spot a tampered security camera or ATM, or even be proficient to report if the site is showing signs of vandalism? Cennox train our technicians to proactively engage with each visit with the tools processes to report these back. #morethanjustcleaning

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What you can expect from us

A specialist service designed around you

No two sites are the same, nor are any two companies. We work with you to understand your goals, and then build a service model which is right for your organisation with SLAs and KPIs to measure against those goals. Whether you opt for a simple walk and wipe, or custom-visit program, we’ll prove that Cennox offers more than just a cleaning service.

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Before and after photography

Visibility of our visits is crucial for many of our customers. Our could-based portal provides customers with a record of each site visit, with before and after images captured and uploaded on the day. In addition, any comments or reports from our technicians are also available through this platform.

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Scheduled visits

Our technicians provide valuable feedback on the condition of your facilities through our regular site visits and documentation. Not only will your facilities meet your standards around cleanliness and upkeep, you will also benefit from this visibility.

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Preventative maintenance checks

Many of our customers enjoy the benefit of our preventative maintenance checks. Designed to identify any onsite actions needing to be taken, our service removes the need for additional visits, and thus lower costs.

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Site security checks

Most companies do not have bandwidth to spot and address potential security issues. From CCTV and alarm checks, to criminal vandalism or natural damage, our teams can provide security checks to keep you in the loop of any areas needing attention.

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Our teams add value to our customers' physical facilities. Our focus and care frequently identifies issues that we not only bring to our clients' attention, but can also take immediate steps to resolve pending issues.
Les Giamona
VP of Service Delivery, Cennox US

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