CIT and cash protection

The complete protection of cash from in-store to across the pavement

Our industry leading CIT cash cases and homologated ink staining solutions

Cennox provide the industry recognised and respected blue CIT cases. Ultra-lightweight, intelligent and robust. The Cennox SQS System is one of the best-known cash security products worldwide.

Soft skin CIT vehicles help to reduce operational costs and improve security

Lightweight and customisable, the soft skin vehicle configuration can be retrofit into any commercial vehicle, replacing the heavy armour and expensive traditional CIT truck.

Cash tracking and dye packs offer banks and retailers a deterrent against crime.

Our small counter based cash security packs provide immediate response for would be criminals. From covert tracking devices to others which emits smoke and dye.


Our cash protection solutions

Cennox SQS CIT cases

This intelligent, multipurpose and extremely lightweight system for security cases, makes it today’s most advanced solution for bulk cash and ATM cassettes.

The different elements of the Cennox SQS (Security Qube System) can be used as ‘stand-alone’ products, or combined with an IBNS cassette to form a fully, homologated end-to-end solution for cash transportation and ATM replenishments. This flexibility gives customers the ability to integrate these products into current operations and add more features to the system as the needs shift, operations expand, or the security level requirements are raised.










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Soft skin CIT vehicles

Combining our CIT cases with a specially converted vehicle creates the ultimate in cost effective CIT solutions. Cheaper to buy, run and staff, soft skin vehicles offer greater opportunities for CIT companies to service their clients more efficiently.






Cash security devices

Cennox cash trackers and our cash smoke and dye packs are popular with our financial tellers and retail customers looking to a deterrent against criminal attack.






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