The most comprehensive ATM security portfolio

From physical protection to ATM tamper detection solutions

Cennox has been leading the ATM industry with security solutions designed in-house and in partnership with our financial clients

Cennox understands the threats the ATM industry faces. Our teams have responded to the challenging escalation of crime around the ATM by developing solutions that prevent these dangerous and malicious activities. We are proud to have undertaken these tasks frequently in partnership with our banking clients.

There isn’t just one type of ATM crime. That is why Cennox has developed a portfolio of very different security solutions

Our solutions have been individually designed, evolved and enhanced to reflect the changes in ATM crime. We have developed various physical and sensory solutions which detect and deter criminals. With criminal organisations operating across borders, Cennox has approached our solutions to support a global market and international threat.

Trusted by our financial and retail organisations to deliver the solutions which work when they need them most

Not all ATM crimes end solely in financial loss. With many leaving catastrophic damage to facilities, long term damage to businesses, and often a lasting impact on the communities in which they work. Our research and development teams, and the security partnerships we hold with our retail and financial customers, help Cennox to develop and support the most responsive portfolio of security solutions in the industry.


The most comprehensive security portfolio in the industry

Anti-skimming solutions

Our anti-skimming solutions can detect fascia  tampering, ‘Lebanese  Loops’, card  traps and drilling devices. They have the ability to automatically place the ATM into ‘Supervisor Mode’ once the attack has been confirmed, releasing the machine back into service once the threat has been removed. Our solutions can also notify the customer of attacks so that they may take appropriate action before bringing the ATM back into service. They are designed to be upgradable in the field at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit, making them attractive when compared to similar devices.

ATM security bases

Cennox offers several different types of security bases, or plinths. These solutions provide a secure anchorage solution directly under the ATM. Manufactured to the correct DDA height requirement, and available for all major makes and models, these solutions provide a visible and robust prevention of pull-out robberies.

ATM secure rooms

Cennox can provide custom made ATM enclosures for internal and external locations. With options to host one or more machines, Cennox is helping our customers ensure their devices are not only well protected, but also branded to best reflect their organisation.

ATM alarms

The ATM audible strobe alarm generates immediate attention with the internal and external alarm features of a loud siren and strobe light to deter thieves from attempting to rip the ATM safe open to access the assets inside.

ATM security barriers

Cennox developed the ATM security barrier based on recent ATM physical attacks, such as ram raids, hook-and-chain and smash-and-grabs and can be installed on existing drive-thru ATM bollards at financial institutions. The ATM steel barrier plating stops criminals from accessing the front and the side of the ATM where they are most vulnerable and allows the ATMs to be upgraded on-site to customer specifications.

ATM tracking devices

To combat the rise in physical ATM attacks, Cennox provides customers with the ATM Tracker, our next generation of tracking products. Designed to respond to an aggressive attack on an ATM and attempted theft of the machine, the Cennox ATM Tracker immediately actives and automatically communicates with police to aid in its rapid recovery. With a covertly designed tracker, the criminals are frequently unaware that the machine they have laboured to steal, is already pinpointing their location using the latest Electronic Satellite Pursuit (ESP) technology.

Black box protection

Our Black Box solution prevents criminals gaining access to the inside of the ATM by cutting small holes into the fascia and connecting the cash dispenser to their ‘Black Box’. This electronic box sends commands to the ATM forcing it to start dispensing money without any need for a card to be inserted or for the ATM to source authorisation.

Cash shutter guard protection

The Cennox Cash Shutter Guard is designed to protect against a variety of shutter related fruad. The restricted aperture denies vandals easy access to the cash shutter and makes it more difficult to fit cash traps. With many of our products actively developed in partnership with banks to address their specific requirements, Cennox continues to lead the way with innovative security products and their implementation, protecting the financial community and their customers.

Gas detection solutions

Our gas detection solution is preventing criminals worldwide from feeding explosive gases into the ATM. We provide a host of connected security pathways when a crime is in progress, from the gas being neutralised, ink deployment to destroy the cash inside the ATM and the criminal’s prize, plus alarms to warn anyone nearby of the attack in progress and the financial organisation themselves.

Ink staining solutions

Criminal attacks on banks, retailers, cash-in-transit and transport vehicles are on the rise worldwide. Sophisticated technology is more often used by the criminals during those attacks. Cash stored in cash cassettes has become a target for criminals globally. Our ink staining solutions help customers to significantly reduce that risk by protecting the cash inside the most common cash cassette types during attacks as well as during pavement risk.


Security smoke solutions

Our security smoke devices have been specially developed to provide a low-cost protection solution in an intelligent way. If an attack occurs, the security smoke device will release a thick cloud of red smoke that stains the contents and act as a deterrent to stop the attack.

Safe door protection

Our custom-made locking system is one of the most effective deterrents to physical attacks on ATM safes. It works by placing a strong and sophisticated physical barrier between the cash cassettes and the robbers who have their eye on the prize. From armed robbery and duress against cash-in-transit replenishment teams, to brute force, burglary, ram raid and explosive gas; our solution is ideal for at-risk locations.