The Jewellery Tracker

Cennox offers proven GPS tracking technology that combines aided GPS, Cellular and Radio Frequency (RF) location technologies with a secure tracking website.  

We are Cennox. We Innovate / Maintain / Secure.

The Jewellery Tracker protects jewellery in the event of a robbery or burglary, by helping law enforcement track and capture the criminals, recover stolen jewellery and deter future crime.  Jewellers utilise this proven solution to protect rings, chains, watches and other high-end jewellery at their stores. 


  • Automatically tracks after activation 
  • Quick and accurate location data 
  • Multiple technologies pinpoint device location 
  • Reliable performance in Urban Canyon areas 
  • Do It Yourself friendly for install and charging 
  • No cost law enforcement training and support 
  • Collects data about product handling to help with staff training 
  • Easy to use and maintain 

Available in a variety of designs to track all types of valuable assets, our system apprehends up to 70% of all criminals it tracks and has led to the recovery of millions in stolen cash and assets.


The Cennox ESP (Electronic Satellite Pursuit) system is accessed by security control centers who inform local Law Enforcement allowing safe pursuit and criminal apprehension. 

Our tracking devices are designed to be available in many different designs, ensuring the criminal is left unsure as to what is protected and what isn't. In some cases, the police have been able to respond to the crime even before the owners of the business are even aware a crime is unfolding.


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