The Asset Tracker

The tracking technology used for the Asset Tracker enables you to protect all types of assets throughout the world. Customise it. Hide it. Track it - don't lose it.   

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The tracking technology used for the Asset Tracker, enables you to protect all types of assets throughout the world. Asset Tracker automatically activates when motion is detected and at the same time alerts police and dispatch officers of the ongoing theft. The exact location of the stolen asset and thief can be tracked online via a secured website. 

What happens when a motion is detected? 

  • Asset Tracker will automatically activate 
  • At the same time alert police and dispatch officers of the theft 
  • The exact position of the stolen asset can be tracked online 
  • In most cases, Asset Tracker is found quickly, and the criminals are arrested at the same time 


  • Configurable settings allow the device to be used for various crime suppression applications 
  • Device design is ideal for various applications 
  • Expensive security measures become unnecessary 
  • As Asset Tracker functions fully automatically, nobody is required to intervene, even when a theft occurs 
  • Asset Tracker is discrete: neither your staff nor your customers will have the perception that highly secured measures are in place

The Asset Tracker suggests the device is a 'one size fits all'. In fact, our Asset Tracker comes in many different sizes and is designed for a variety of applications and environments.  



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