SecuriSafe Retail Smoke Device

For retail customers looking to protect the contents of their in-store safe, the SecuriSafe Smoke device is designed to protect it at the time of an attack. A multi-layered security solution, the SecuriSafe is able to detect a wide variety of criminal interference and deploy the necessary response.

The traditional safe, full of cash, makes them a criminal’s favuorite target. Moreover, most safes offer a limited range of protection levels, which simplifies the criminal’s task. Our Security Smoke device has been specially developed to provide a low-cost protection solution for any safe in an intelligent way. It’s an autonomous and fully automatic protection device that monitors and analyses the security status.

The physical theft of a safe can be hugely destructive. With a clearly visible deterrent, criminals are aware of the fruitlessness of their attempts should they disturb the safe in anyway

SecuriSafe. Detection System For The Safe

  • Detects:​
    • Pull out (tilting)​
    • Drilling​
    • Hammering​
    • Torching
    • Breach/Skin (optional)
  • All in one device​
  • Easy installation, no configuration, plug-and-protect

Safety Advantages

  • The Security Smoke system functions fully automatically and requires no intervention by personnel
  • It protects most safes regardless of age or condition
  • It visually signals assist personnel with operating the device during normal daily use
  • Warning labels act as a deterrent to anyone considering attacking your safe
  • System protects against forced door opening, tilting or drilling

Operational Advantages

  • SecuriSafe works independently of normal operations
  • The system is compact and easy to install
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Optional tear gas and DNA available
  • Remote trigger from alarm system also available




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