iPhone Tracker

Our Phone Tracker incorporates the proven technology of Electronic Satellite Pursuit Tracking System (ESP).   

We are Cennox. We innovate / Maintain / Secure.

Consumer  electronics  stores  utilise  this  high-tech, reliable solution to protect their locations. If a theft occurs, the Phone Tracker automatically triggers a silent theft alert upon motion.


  • Fully automatic and silent 
  • Battery self-checks daily ensuring uninterrupted service 
  • Secure website for live tracking by Cennox, the surveillance center or by law enforcement 
  • Uses smart technology to store data if mobile connection is lost 
  • RF to pinpoint final device location 
  • Reliable performance in dense city areas 
  • Do It Yourself friendly for install and charging 


The Cennox ESP (Electronic Satellite Pursuit) system is accessed by security control centers who inform local Law Enforcement allowing safe pursuit and criminal apprehension. 

The Phone Tracker has been an incredibly effective device. Our retail customers have experienced proven results following a theft, with their stolen goods not only returned, but the criminals apprehended and convicted for their crime.


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