Refurbishment Solutions

Our Refurbishment Centre in Surrey, manages hundreds of complete refurbishment projects each month. With many devices arriving often showing the tail-tale sign of time in the field, and frequently faulty, we ensure each machine undertakes a journey through a production line process which ultimately sees them reach the end of the programme looking as if they were straight out of the manufacturer's showroom.

A complete strip and respray

Cennox believe in ensuring our refurbished machines leave our facilities looking 'as new'. Our engineers pride themselves on how immaculate each refurbished device looks on leaving the production line - a complex process which sees each machine stripped down to the shell and all external elements cleaned, prepared and painted to the brand guides of our customers.

All parts worn or faulty parts replaced

During the extensive refurbishment process, we ensure all items that need repairing are replaced or upgraded where necessary. From small belts and cogs to major internal modules - our ATM refurbishment service ensures we lead with a quality of service our customers receive as standard. 

Multi-staged quality control process

All repaired parts are cross-checked for Quality Control purposes.


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