Store Enhancement

Our in-house signage and fit-out teams have been delivering stunning transformation solutions for retailers who include the likes of Harrods, Selfridge’s, Kooples, Tiffany & Co. and DeBeers, to name a few. 

We believe in creating a customer experience and environment which attracts client loyalty, integrates new technologies and invites ‘play’ into the retail space.

Cennox can undertake all projects from initial design meeting, through to full project planning, management, stakeholder engagement and ultimate fit-out implementation. 

We have completed 4,500 Store Improvement projects in the last 18 months.


Our Store Enhancement solutions include

Our in-house signage office has a heritage going back almost 150 years. Today, our skilled teams create cutting edge signage for companies across sectors. Our solutions include:

  • Full Creative Design and Brand Service
  • External Logo and Fascia Panels
  • Window Graphics
  • Custom Graphics and Lettering
  • Custom Display Stands
  • Directional Floor and Ceiling Graphics
  • Branded Street Furniture
  • Street-Side Panels / A-boards
  • Projected Signs

Store transformation is a process which uses new technology and business models in order to increase sales, boost customer satisfaction and minimise the costs involved in operations.

This is achieved through extensive digital transformation and a thorough understanding of the customer journey to success.

This motivates employees to be more productive and to provide value for customers.

In such a competitive landscape, retailers are investing in their stores to attract greater customer loyalty and shopping experience. Our teams work with our clients to undertake either partial or full store refits.

With the full project team in-house, from Project Managers to Designers, Electricians, Construction, Signage and Fit-Out experts, Cennox is an agile transformation delivery company. 

Cennox provides a nationwide field service able to undertake a wide variety of facility maintenance. 

From light construction projects to service critical building and device maintenance, Cennox is the trusted go-to partner for clients needing access to skilled teams, supported by extensive facilities and resources.

Cennox can provide electronic shelf labels, which give full control over pricing, while eliminating all the usual sources of error that may occur between the checkout system and the shelf in the store. 

Your customers will always see the same price on the shelf as they do at the checkout because the prices on the shelf come directly from the store’s cash register system. This creates confidence by eliminating errors and thus helps maintain a good customer experience.

The visual element of lighting is perhaps the most noticeable part of an electrical installation, and yet can be one of the most subjective. 

Our in-house electricians can design functional and bespoke lighting systems to suit your requirements.

We believe it is important your store meets your brand expectation, attracts the right customer demographic and provides the shopping experience to grow sales. Cennox can design, build and fit-out your retail store from initial ideas to full implementation.

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