Securing your Business

Cennox has helped to recover millions of pounds in stolen cash and assets, and been instrumental in the apprehension and convictions of thousands of criminals.

Our mix of innovative security solutions combat criminal activity either in-store, outside or back office. From product tracking solutions using the latest satellite pursuit technology, to intelligent safes, cash protection and destruction devices to product stands and CCTV solutions.

Cennox is committed to leading the way in retail security. 

We have deployed 11,200+ Security Solutions in the last 12 months.


Our Store Enhancement solutions include

Cennox works closely with retailers and law enforcement agencies in the covert tracking of stolen goods. 

Our tracking solutions have successfully aided in the apprehension and conviction of criminals, and repatriated the stolen goods.

Using satellite pursuit technology, our crime desk work in partnership with the police to track the movement of the stolen goods the moment they are taken and guide them in real-time to their location. 

With pinpoint accuracy, our solutions have supported in the capture of international criminal gangs and removed many violent individuals from the street.

Together, we are safer! 

We have recovered circa £3.2m in assets/money since 2018.

Our CCTV systems save labour-intensive time searching through endless footage.

The Cennox Audible and Visual Alarm systems are highly sensitive, and can alert the authorities immediately upon any suspicious behaviour.

We partner with the best in the field and can offer AI Software that provides you with the data that matters to you most. 

Cennox specialises in the sourcing and installation  of multi-vendor hardware. Working to your requirements, we can provide security products to protect your in-store cash from the moment of receipt.

From the latest till systems, to back office safes and in-store ATMs, we have a variety of solutions specifically designed to protect your cash assets.

Cennox is the industry leader in developing and deploying anti-skimming devices. Where a card is present, criminals look to exploit ways in skimming the data and PIN of your customer’s card. 

We have installed circa 4,000 Anti-Skimming devices in card accepting devices.

The Cennox security and access solutions portfolio is a future-proof offering of high-level security and access control solutions for even the most demanding requirements.

Our portfolio includes keyless, digital, electromechanical, and mechanical options across all businesses, industries, and critical infrastructure sites.

Cennox provides a leading portfolio of Security Products aimed at protecting its customers’ stores, products and cash to limit the devastating impact made by criminals.

Our in-house Research and Development Teams work in partnership with our customers to lead effective responses to any threats.

Cennox also provides effective Asset Tracking Solutions using the latest ‘Electronic Satellite Pursuit’ and GPS techniques to retrieve stolen assets and apprehend criminals.  

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