Payments and Technology

From customer payment choice, to back office cash recycling, Cennox Payment Solutions deliver the best in cost and operational options.

There are many critical challenges facing retail businesses today surrounding transaction capture, processing and banking operations; something that we describe as the ‘payment cycle’.

Over the past ten years we have seen a surge in alternative payment options with choices such as contact-less, Google, Apple Pay, and other e-wallet methods. Cennox promotes payment choice. We are able to set up and manage all current payment types. 

The banking of cash can often lead to delays and costs associated with processing money. Our solutions offer real-time recognition using fully-automated processes, minimising error.
Our solutions are designed to work with retailers of all sizes, so however your payments are taken at the moment, let us review it for you. We can help you give your customers the choices they require and help you keep up-to-date whilst planning for the future.

We have helped retailers save over £10,000 per year, per site with our Payment Solutions.


Our Payment Solutions include

The right self-checkout solution provides an agile resource model for retailers. Automating the sales cycle allows for more transactions to be processed faster, keeping queues to a minimum and delivering customer satisfaction.

With next generation facial recognition and transaction authorisation technology, ergonomic design and the latest small footprint devices, efficiency at the till is driving a new evolution in retail solutions.

Over the next 12-18 months, 60% of businesses expect that they will install self-service terminals in their stores.

Your EPOS systems should connect all aspects of your business to the preferences of your customer’s purchasing behaviours. 

The marriage between EPOS hardware and its software empowers retailers with real-time intelligence and detailed reporting to drive sales growth - as well as connecting the consumer to your products, services and stores through loyalty programs, click-and-collect or e-commerce.

Intelligent Safes offer elements such as improved cash-in-transit (CIT), scheduling, reduced costs, and same-day credit operations on cash volumes. This technology is valuable to retailers, and Cennox provides it in a single package. 

We can see and report on business takings, and in particular, cash volumes, which are critical to a business.

From analysis of shrinkage, availability of funds for suppliers or commitments, to managing indemnities or CIT services, the technology and hardware which Cennox can provide creates a more efficient business.  

Whether managing cash transactions or taking card or digital payments, Cennox works with businesses to ensure they operate securely.  

With card and digital payments, we ensure all Payment Card Industry requirements are met, keeping your business and customers safe.

Cash is a target for both internal and external shrinkage, but accompanied by our automation solutions, and working closely with CIT parties to ensure safe and secure cash services.

Our Cash Automation Solutions start in-store by supporting the capture of a payment from a cashier-led transaction to a customer-facing cash device integrated in to a till system. 

Our back office solutions create huge benefits to running a business, from exceptional reporting functionality; (you can see your takings anywhere at anytime), to removing the need for manual processes with direct communications to CIT parties.

Through smart technology we can support the identification of your customers and the acceptance of payments from a wide range of e-wallets. This means your customers could pay for items at your store using reward points from another retailer, where they have a monetary value.

At Cennox, we like to push the boundaries by showcasing the latest in technology and the payment cycle, such as SensePay.

Improve your transaction levels and customer satisfaction at the point of sale. From a back office solution for a single-site business which securely stores cash to a multi-national business which requires self-checkout operations with online capabilities, we work with you and your business to understand and present the best options to meet your needs. We support you with training, installation, maintenance and management of the services we provide.

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