Business Growth

We pride ourselves on being the market leader in bringing innovative solutions to the market, and with an ever-changing retail landscape, this makes us the best partner for your business.

Our growing product portfolio brings the latest in direct marketing through concepts such as interactive personalised digital signage and bespoke kiosk builds. These improve the retail experience, automate transactions and customer engagements, thus creating efficiency. 

Some of our current solutions include:

  • Personalised customer interactions which drive improved conversion. 
  • Locker solutions to support ‘Click-and-Collect’ services and to increase footfall.
  • Bringing diverse kiosks and ATM solutions in-store to drive footfall, increase spend and automate transactions, thus maximising on resource opportunities.

We have deployed 1,100 projects per year for the last two years.


Our Store Diversification solutions include:

The power of digital marketing is growing and becoming a more cost effective and consistent way to market for an immediate customer interaction than any other marketing opportunity.  

We can transform digital displays create opportunities for video and sound marketing content. We create interactive signage displays with technology to identify and engage with clients by creating personalised content.

40% of shoppers say that digital displays have influenced their purchasing decisions.

Digital signage used in-store can create memorable brand experiences. Whether it is projected in large formats, or is viewed on kiosks, it helps project a positive image and can be tailored to specific offers or promotions.

We provide kiosk solutions which drive business efficiencies and improve customer engagement. 

From encouraging the up selling of products and services, promoting in-store brands, running unique initiatives across platforms, or simply guiding customers through larger stores, our kiosks add value to the retail experience.

Customers expect convenience and instant gratification, and our latest self-service devices are designed with the end user in mind, increasing spend and avoiding lost sales.

We know that customers are constantly looking for more from our high street: memorable experiences, entertainment, offers and games attract customers and help to keep them in store for longer.

The benefits include:

  • Upsell and increase customer spend by an average of 30%
  • Influence customer behaviour and purchase habits
  • 90% of shoppers have used self-service devices
  • Reduce queuing and waiting times
  • Add value to in-store offers
  • Improve stock control
  • Avoid missed sales

This is arguably the most important factor in a successful retail business, and Cennox has the experience and the innovative approach to enhance both customer and colleague experience.  

From heat mapping, understanding footfalls and key marketing opportunities, to working on bespoke projects, Cennox has the ability to create, implement and measure your customer experience enhancements.

Our CCTV systems save labour-intensive time searching through endless footage.

The Cennox Audible and Visual Alarm systems are highly sensitive, and can alert the authorities immediately upon any suspicious behaviour.

We partner with the best in the field and can offer AI Software that provides you with the data that matters to you most. 

In-store ATM/Kiosk added value to 70,000 locations.

    Our comprehensive offering means Cennox can produce vehicles to both BSIA and PSA standards, which meet the requirements for CIT services.  

    Our vehicle and coach builders work on different vehicle concepts from bespoke vehicles make for marketing campaigns and exhibitions to vehicles built as mobile retail locations.

    The boom in the last mile collection/delivery services is creating an upswing in postal locker access across Europe. Our nationwide teams manage the  full end-to-end locker management, from custom branding, installation, storage and staging and ongoing maintenance. From planning permissions to engineer resource, we are fully equipped to build and support locker deployment nationwide.

    Diversify in-store and give your customers a new retail experience and exciting new ways to engage with you.

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