A picture of #InThisTogether - Your safety & service is important to us
19th Mar 2020

#InThisTogether - Your safety & service is important to us

During these sensitive times of challenge, change and the escalating messages around the COVID-19 virus, we understand the importance of keeping good lines of conversations and communication between staff and customers open. After all, we are in this together.

These dramatic times have required our skilled teams to adopt best working practices in line with our Business Continuity Plan (BCP). These important processes, designed in the hope of never being used, are successfully helping our people maintain the levels of service required for our customers. In addition, through regular discussion, we are able to mould and flex our Service Delivery to meet the changing needs of our clients.

The Cennox Pandemic Response Team, made up of key senior personnel at Cennox UK & Ireland, has been initiated in line with our BCP. This team is tasked with meeting daily to review, analyse and respond with decisiveness to all changes across the business. The team is listening to the advice of the UK Government and that of the health & science advisors to ensure our actions remain in line with the requirements of the wider community.

Supported by our strong leadership team, Cennox is very much open for business and working with all customers to manage risk and limit any service disruption.

Business Flexibility

Where possible, many of our staff have been able to adopt a remote working model, dialling in through our in-house IT and telephony systems, ensuring our services continue to operate as normal. In addition, line managers and internal support groups are engaging with staff to promote a healthy work life balance in these times of community isolation.

Our office-based engineering and warehouse staff will continue to work as normally as possible, with their colleagues across all surrounding departments making way and working remotely in order to give them the best opportunity to stay safe and avoid contracting the virus. Additional tools, cleaning processes, staff rotation and distancing are being actioned to support them in their ongoing endeavour to keep trade moving and themselves safe.

Our field teams across the width and breadth of the United Kingdom continue to respond to our scheduled site visits, with resources being focused to protect our people who are client and site facing. We will continue to deploy our teams maintaining ATMs to ensure the critical needs of the wider community around access to cash, remains operational.

Cennox has built long and strong business relationships with many customers. In these challenging times and where traditional face to face meetings are temporarily on hold, we are looking to use creative ways for our sales and support teams to continue to communicate with customers and for our customers to continue to engage with us. We welcome you to join on our Zoom, Skype, Webinar or telephone calls and will be happy to dial into your own preferred communication platforms.

We remain calm and will carry on

Cennox is a robust, agile business, passionately dedicated to our customers and colleagues. Our attitude to quick reaction and forward planning will see us through and keep our customers confident. We will remain calm and continue as normally as best possible. We feel that we are #InThisTogether and we wish all colleagues, customers and of course their families, good health and our best wishes during this time.

If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and how it might affect your business with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01276 607 200 or email us on info@cennox.com

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