Mi.Pass - Mobile Authentication

Mi.Pass® is the intelligent solution designed to securely connect a customer’s mobile phone with your organisation's physical services. We are Cennox. We innovate, Maintain, Secure.

As customer interactivity evolves, with greater emphasis on providing access to products  and services through a mobile phone, Cennox has launched Mi.Pass®. An intelligent, customer driven solution demonstrates the perfect synergy between connecting the digital, with the physical infrastructure.

With your customer's bank or service provider’s own app on their mobile phone, users of the service can quickly engage with your organisation through a variety of activities and services. Mi.Pass® is seemlessly integrated into your existing physical infrastructure to allow innovative interaction and new possible communication paths between you and your customer.


The beauty of Mi.Pass® is that it is more than just one solution. The portfolio of applications can be built around your business, the specifics of your requirements and reflect your business culture. This brings incredible opportunities for businesses acrioss a wide variety of industry sectors. Steve Bigwood, Cennox  



Mi.Pass - Connecting You to Your Customers

There are many ways that Mi.Pass® can be used to benefit your business, including:

  • Customer Detection: Mi.Pass® can detect when your customer enters your branch and immediately notify your staff of their arrival. In addition, Mi.Pass® will instantly communicate to your client who they are there to see, where to go in-branch and any customised messages prior to their visit.
  • Paperless Document Transfer. Mi.Pass® allows your branch staff to undertake your services applications digitally, removing any need for document printing or physical ID copying.
  • Improve Staff Efficiencies. Mi.Pass® helps your branch staff to process your customer visits more efficiently, improving the customer experience and freeing your staff to spend more time engaging with your customers on other services.
  • Reduce Customer Wait Times. Mi.Pass® can successfully reduce your customer wait time - improving the customer journey.
  • Reduce In-branch Costs. Mi.Pass® succcessfully and significantly reduces operational wastage, paper and print costs.
  • Cardless ATM Transactions. Mi.Pass® can be linked to your current ATM estate, allowing your customers to withdrawal money without the need to use theor card or pin number. This not only speeds up time at the ATM but without a card or pin number, the opportunity for ATM fraud is hugely reduced.
  • Improved Marketing Opportunities. Mi.Pass® gives you the chance to engage with your clients directly through your banking App, around messages inline with your organisations culture and specification.



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