Hygiene Packs

Back to work hygiene Packs for staff and customers

The Coronavirus continues to be hugely challenging. Businesses face numerous operational issues around how to safely reopen their facilities and deliver a safe ‘new normal’ for customers and staff alike.

In response, Cennox has created a back to work hygiene pack for staff and customers. Give peace of mind that they are protected with a personal hygiene pack (branding optional). Provide a positive product for the change of attitude surrounding post COVID-19 work and travel.


Unbranded 3 Items (Hand wipes, mask, gloves) 5 Items (Hand wipes, mask, gloves, 150ml bottle of hand sanitiser, *welcome back hygiene leaflet)    
Branded 3 Items (Hand wipes, mask, gloves) 5 Items (Hand wipes, mask, gloves, 150ml bottle of hand sanitiser, *welcome back hygiene leaflet)
All products are supplied in a plain or branded tote bag/presentation box.
*The welcome back hygiene leaflet can be designed with your company logo and welcome back messages/information for your staff and customers.

The packs are available as Single use - 1 day / Weekly use - 1 week / Monthly use - 1 month (The packs are supplied with the average amount of pairs of gloves, masks, hand wipes & hand sanitiser which will be used within the selected time period).

For more information, email uk.sales@cennox.com or call +44 (0)1276 607 200.

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To discuss your requirements call 0044 (0)1276 607 200