SecuriSafe Smoke Device

The SecuriSafe Smoke device is designed to protect a safe at the time of an attack. A multi-layered security solution, the Securisafe is able to detect a wide variety of criminal interferance and deploy the necessary response.

The traditional safe, full of cash, makes them a criminal’s favorite target. Moreover, most safes offer a limited range of protection levels, which simplifies the criminal’s task. Our Security Smoke device has been specially developed to provide a low-cost protection solution for any safe in an intelligent way. It’s an autonomous and fully automatic protection device that monitors and analyses the security status.

SecuriSafe. Detection System For The Safe

  • Detects:​
    • Pull out (tilting)​
    • Drilling​
    • Hammering​
    • Torching
    • Breach/Skin (optional)
  • All in one device​
  • Easy installation, no configuration, plug-and-protect

Safety Advantages

  • The Security Smoke system functions fully automatic and requires no intervention by personnel
  • It protects most safes regardless of age or condition
  • It visually signals assist personnel with operating the device during normal daily use
  • Warning labels act as a deterrent to anyone considering attacking your safe
  • System protects against forced door opening, tilting or drilling

Operational Advantages

  • SecuriSafe works independently of normal operations
  • The system is compact and easy to install
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Optional tear gas and DNA available
  • Remote trigger from alarm system also available


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