The SecuriDab LT Solution

Cash stored in Automated Teller Machines has become a target for Criminals Globally.Explosives, Drilling Machines, Fork lifts, Grinding discs, …. all are used in order to get access to the content of these cassettes.

Ink staining technology has proved its effectiveness in protecting cash and contributing to a decline in crime for 25 years. The SecuriDab LT, or SDLT for short, is a specific Ink Dye product designed in-house to offer customers an alternative to our comprehensive Scorpion Device.


  • SecuriDab LT consist of two key components:
    • A General Control Unit (GCU); installed inside the ATM
    • A Receiver Component; installed inside each ATM cassette
  • Phase 1:
    • GCU first needs a trigger (tilt, breach, …) to enter into ALARM mode
    • Receiver stays in SLEEP mode as long as no cassette movement is detected
    • Receiver will change from SLEEP to AWAKE mode as soon as enough energy is created to wake up the accelerometers in the cassette. Some examples:
      • Tilt cassette over 90° during 2 seconds
      • Flip cassette and put it on its cover for 2 seconds
      • Try to drill a hole in the cassette while it is still in the ATM
    • Receiver will change from AWAKE to ARMED mode as soon as it detects the GCU alarm signal.
  • Phase 2:
    • If within the next 30 seconds receiver detects additional cassette movement, it will disperse the ink on the banknotes and activate Notestop (optional).
    • If after 30 seconds no additional cassette movement is detected, receiver goes back to SLEEP mode



  • A modular approach for the delivery of ink staining across a wide range of cassette types & currencies

SDLT Advantages:

  • Provides 100 % note staining and 15% or more of each note
  • Reduces TCO significantly (up to 50%)
  • Modular components, snap fit
  • All components are lid mounted
  • Simplifies assembly task
  • Takes costs out of logistics chain
  • Lowers maintenance cost significantly



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