Ink Staining Solutions

The protection of bank notes during their handling and movement continues to be an attractive target for criminals. Developing an effective deterrent and visible reaction to mark the notes, has resulted in ink dye becoming the chosen solution for many financial organisations.

The Scorpion & SDLT Device

The financial advantages of our ink solutions include fully modular components which easily and quickly snap-fit into all major types of machine cassettes. This significantly reduces the total cost of ownership compared to traditional ink staining products.

In addition, using a pre-assembled cassette lids or an easy to configure kit of parts, reduces maintenance cost significantly, savings we pass on to our customers.


  • Compatible with popular electronic locks and automatically arms and disarms the cash cassettes, removing the need to manage physical keys or remote controls
  • Clear visual and audible signals are easy for staff to operate during normal daily use 
  • Simple integration by customers either as a pre-assembled solution or as an easy to configure kit of parts
  • Cassettes are configured to allow extensive connectivity with the machine and external alarm systems. Flexible architecture provides for future-proof add-ons of emerging anti-fraud sensing technology.

Ink Dye products have been in production for many years. Companies who rely on an effective and immediate protection  during the movement of cash will turn to these products for peace of mind.



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